The new Flatsome 3.0 comes with an endless list of new features and improvements that we believe will revolutionise the market. It will give users the power to easily design beautiful websites in real-time without knowing any code at all. This article will introduce some of the new features available with version 3.0.

No. 1: Unlimited options

The brand new Flatsome is completely re-written, and will enable users to build any type of page using the extensive range of different elements available. The new UX Builder has a toolbox of 30 content elements, 9 shop elements, and 5 layout elements, along with hundreds of presets and options for every element. The theme options have been significantly extended with lots of new options, including a new header builder. This gives you endless opportunities for your site and the ability to create whatever you have in mind for your website. Version 3.0 makes a historic change for the Flatsome platform, seeing that the theme now is a 100% multi-use theme. Whether you would wanna create a shop, booking site, agency site, portfolio, blog, church site, or a gym site it can all be made with the new Flatsome 3.0. The sky is the limit!

No. 2: Revolutionary Responsive Page Builder

The new UX Builder is included in the price when you buy Flatsome, and is the ultimate tool for creating awesome responsive websites without having any experience with coding. Organise your content with the drag & drop functionality, edit text using the text editor, and create and alter the layout with the layout elements. All the content will be made and edited in the UX Builder, either by using the ready-made presets, or by changing the different options.

Check out our YouTube video on how to use the UX Builder.

No. 3: Live Theme Options Panel

Both the UX Builder and the The Options are operated with a live preview, which helps massively in visualising how the page will look as you are editing the page. Everything is added in real-time and you can see the changes you make instantly.

No. 4: Always up-to-date

The UX Themes Team works tirelessly day and night to come with new features and improvements, and to make sure Flatsome is compatible with all the new plugins, technology and trends. You only need to buy our theme once to get access to all future updates, and you can also join our community and partake in giving us feedback to help us shape Flatsome for the future.

No. 5: Developer friendly

There is no coding required with the new Flatsome 3.0. The new UX Builder will help you create and organise the content on the different pages, and updated Theme Options will help you with all the styling and other fundamental theme options. With these two you are able to design any kind of site without having any knowledge of coding.



Price includes 6 months of free support, and all future updates of the theme.

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